Artist Statement

My work is composed especially of large format drawings, collages and installations on paper.

Through drawing, that "line with memory" that Matisse talks about, I build a relationship with my inner reality. I use the representation of the human figure as materialization of an experience; of a feeling.

The body is the place where perceptions are linked with sensory experience and meaning. The semiotics of the body; field of studies that tries to realize the body as a space and source of sensory experience and the semiotic articulation, serve me as theoretical framework for my research.

Like Plato, I consider the human being a dual reality. His contradictory and plural character; a bit human, a bit animal, reveals its fantastic nature. I`m interested in the thin line, the turning point between the monstrous and the beautiful, the one and the multiple, the struggle between the real and the imaginary in the dialectic of inside and outside.